The Theo Project

The Theo Project

Open Source Thesaurus Database

The Theo Project

WE scoured Google, looking for a database to use in a website for one of our customers. The problem was , we couldn't find one. We had to create one from scratch.
From Guttenberg we downloaded a digitized book from 1898 that was filled with errors. WE corrected as many errors as possible and sent the files back to Guttenberg to make them available for everyone. Taking the text file that we had generated, we converted it into a database. A tedious process, correcting errors on the fly, until we had something useable.
Now the fun begins.
Updating the database and adding more words is a challenging, time consuming job. That is the main reason we ask for donations.
This is an OPEN Source project and we will be making the database available to anyone that needs it, for free.
It still will be several months before it is very useable.

Please Donate to keep this Project Alive.

Current Project Objectives

Replace all references to a word that are currently referenced as See [some other word]

800 to do

Add New Words

Current stats
31,0000 Reference words
over 500,000 Total words

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