The Theo Project

The Theo Project

Open Source Thesaurus Database



Why Donate?

WE are working on making the thesaurus even bigger as well getting rid of some errors.
WE will also be publishing an ebook and paperback in the near future and that will include a list of everyone that has helped sponsor us.
The entire project is time consuming but we are getting there with help from some of our volunteers.
Thanks…. Any amount helps.

Please Donate to keep this Project Alive.

Current Project Objectives

Replace all references to a word that are currently referenced as See [some other word]

1691 to do

Add New Words

add 20 new words a day

Current stats

8036 Reference words
97,299 Total words


WE are working hard getting the first database up and running. So far we are referencing over Eight Thousand words. Hopefully soon we will have the database ready for distribution.

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