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act for, attend, banish, boot, bounce, break, bump, bust, can, carry away, carry off, cart away, cashier, change places with, come after, crowd out, cut out, deconsecrate, defrock, degrade, delocalize, demote, deplume, deport, depose, deprive, dethrone, disarrange, disarticulate, disbar, discharge, discrown, disemploy, disenthrone, disjoint, dislocate, dislodge, dismiss, disorder, displume, disturb, double for, drum out, eject, emanate, ensue, evict, excommunicate, exile, expatriate, expel, fill in for, fire, follow after, follow up, furlough, ghost, ghostwrite, give the ax, give the gate, go after, issue, kick, kick out, kick upstairs, lay aside, lay off, let go, let out, liquidate, luxate, make redundant, manhandle, misplace, move, oust, overtake, overthrow, pension, pension off, pinch-hit, purge, put aside, read out of, release, relegate, relieve, relocate, remove, remove from office, replace, represent, result, retire, sack, send, separate forcibly, set aside, shift, shunt, side, spell, spell off, stand in for, strip, strip of office, strip of rank, subrogate, substitute for, succeed, superannuate, supersede, supervene, supplant, surplus, suspend, swap places with, take away, throw out, track, trail, transfer, transport, turn off, turn out, unchurch, uncrown, understudy for, unfrock, unhinge, unjoint, unmake, unsaddle, unseat, unsettle, unthrone, usurp,

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