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aberrancy, aberration, about-face, abuse, abuse of office, accommodation, adaptation, adjustment, aerial tactics, aggravated assault, aggression, airborne tactics, alteration, amelioration, amphibious attack, amusement, apostasy, applied tactics, armed assault, armored tactics, assailing, assailment, assault, attack, banzai attack, barrier tactics, befoulment, bend, betterment, bias, blitz, blitzkrieg, branching off, break, breakthrough, bypass, cavalry tactics, change, changeableness, change of heart, charge, circuitousness, constructive change, continuity, conversion, corner, corrupt administration, counterattack, counteroffensive, coup de main, crippling attack, crook, curve, dead set at, debasement, declination, defalcation, defection, defensive strategy, defilement, deflection, degeneration, degenerative change, delectation, departure, descent on, desecration, deterioration, detour, deviance, deviancy, deviation, deviousness, difference, digression, discontinuity, discursion, disport, dissipation, distractedness, distraction, divagation, divarication, divergence, diversification, diversionary attack, diversity, divertisement, divertissement, divided attention, dogleg, double, drift, drifting, drive, embezzlement, encirclement, enjoyment, entertainment, errantry, excursion, excursus, exorbitation, feint, fire tactics, fitting, flank attack, flip-flop, fouling, frivolity, frontal attack, fun, game, gas attack, gradual change, hairpin, head-on attack, improvement, inattention, indirection, infantry tactics, infiltration, investment, levity, lightning attack, lightning war, maladministration, malfeasance, malpractice, malversation, mass attack, megadeath, melioration, mirth, misapplication, misappropriation, misconduct, misemployment, misfeasance, mishandling, mismanagement, misusage, misuse, mitigation, mobile tactics, mob tactics, modification, modulation, mugging, obliquity, offense, offensive, onset, onslaught, overkill, overthrow, panzer warfare, passe-temps, pastime, peculation, pererration, perversion, pilfering, pincers movement, play, pleasure, pollution, poor stewardship, profanation, prostitution, push, qualification, radical change, rambling, re-creation, realignment, recreation, redesign, reform, reformation, regalement, relaxation, relish, remaking, renewal, reshaping, restructuring, reversal, revival, revivification, revolution, run against, run at, rush, sally, sheer, shift, shifting, shifting course, shifting path, shock tactics, sidetrack, skew, slant, solace, sortie, sport, strategy, straying, strike, sudden change, sweep, swerve, swerving, swinging, switch, tack, tactics, total change, transition, turn, turnabout, turning, twist, unprovoked assault, upheaval, variation, variety, veer, violation, violent change, wandering, warp, withdrawal of attention, worsening, yaw, zigzag,

Continuity, avocation, business, directness, labor, procedure, study, task, work,

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