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AC motor, Corliss engine, Otto engine, PCV valve, Wankel engine, accelerator, actuator, aeromotor, agent, air engine, alternator, ammeter, amplifier, ancestors, anode, apprentice, architect, armature, artificer, artist, attenuator, audio-frequency tube, author, autoconverter, autostarter, autotransformer, ballast regulator, ballast tube, battery charger, beam-switching tube, beam engine, bearings, begetter, beginner, blowing engine, bonnet, boot, brake, brush, bucket seat, builder, bumper, cam engine, camshaft, cap, capacitator, capacitor, capacitor motor, carburetor, catalyst, cathode, causer, charger, chassis, choke, choking coil, clock, clutch, coil, commutator, commutator motor, compensated motor, compensator, compound motor, conceiver, condenser, condensing engine, connecting rod, constructor, controller, control relay, control resistor, converter, convertible top, convertor, coupling, cowl, craftsman, crank, crankcase, crankshaft, creator, current regulator, cutout, cylinder, cylinder head, damper, dash, dashboard, designer, detector, deviser, diagonal engine, differential, direct-acting engine, discoverer, discriminator, distributor, donkey engine, doubler, dynamo, dynamotor, effector, electric motor, electrode, electrophorus, electroscope, engenderer, engineer, executor, executrix, exhaust, exhaust pipe, fan, father, feedback amplifier, fender, fire engine, flywheel, focus tube, founder, fuse, galvanic pile, galvanoscope, gas turbine engine, gear, gearbox, gearshift, grid, ground, grower, headlight, headrest, hood, horn, hot-air engine, hydraulic engine, hydro-jet, iconoscope, ignition, impulse duct engine, inaugurator, inductor, industrialist, initiator, inspirer, instigator, institutor, insulator, intake, interrupter, introducer, inventor, inverted engine, inverter, ion engine, ion rocket, jet, journeyman, jumper, lightning rod, limiter, local-oscillator tube, magnet, magnetic relay, magneto, magnetoscope, maker, manifold, manufacturer, master, master craftsman, meter relay, mixer tube, modulator, mother, motor-generator, mover, muffler, multiplier, multipurpose tube, multivibrator, organizer, originator, oscillator, oscilloscope, outboard motor, outlet, output tube, pancake engine, parent, parking light, past master, patriarch, phase inverter, picture tube, pile, piston, piston-valve engine, piston engine, planner, plasma engine, plug, pocket, points, portable engine, power brakes, power steering, power tube, precursor, pressure transducer, prime mover, primum mobile, producer, pulse-jet engine, pulse generator, pumping engine, push button, radial engine, radiator, radio-frequency tube, raiser, ramjet, ramjet engine, reactor, realizer, rear-view mirror, receiving tube, receptacle, reciprocating engine, rectifier, rectifier tube, refrigerating engine, regenerator, regulator, relay, reluctance amplifier, repeater, resistance box, resistor, resojet engine, rheostat, rocket engine, rocket motor, rotary-piston engine, rotary engine, rotor motor, seat belt, self-starter, selsyn, servo amplifier, servomotor, shaper, shock absorber, shunt, shunt motor, sire, smith, socket, spark coil, spark plug, speedometer, springs, starter, steam engine, steering wheel, step-down transformer, supercharged engine, switch, synchronous converter, synchronous motor, tap, terminal, thermal timing relay, three-phase motor, timer, time switch, toggle switch, top, traction engine, transducer, transformer, transmission, transmitter, trickle charger, trigger tube, turbine, turbojet, turbojet engine, universal, valve, variable-speed motor, vernier engine, vertical engine, voltage changer, voltage regulator, voltage transformer, windscreen, windshield, wright,

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