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grapple with

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antagonize, a outrance, bandy with, battle, battle it out, beat against, beat up against, box, brawl, breast the wave, broil, buck, buffet, buffet the waves, bump heads, clash, close, close with, collide, combat, come to blows, compete with, contend, contend against, contend with, contest, cope with, cross swords with, cut and thrust, duel, engage with, exchange blows, exchange shots, fence, feud, fight, fight a duel, fight against, fight like devils, fight with, give and take, give satisfaction, go to loggerheads, grapple, have it out, join battle with, jostle, joust, labor against, lock horns, measure swords with, militate against, mix it up, offer resistance, quarrel, rassle, reluct, reluctate, riot, rival, run a tilt, scramble, scuffle, settle it, skirmish, spar, stem the tide, strive, strive against, strive with, struggle, struggle against, struggle with, take on, tangle with, thrust and parry, tilt, tilt with, tourney, try conclusions with, tussle, vie with, wage war, war, wrestle, wrestle with,

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