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about ship, accord, agree, alter, ameliorate, answer to, assent, assort with, back and fill, bear away, bear off, bear to starboard, beat, beat about, be changed, be consistent, be converted into, be of one, be renewed, be uniform with, bottom out, box off, break, bring about, bring round, cant, cant round, cast, cast about, change, change course, change the heading, check, checker, chime, chop, chop and change, cohere, coincide, come about, come around, come round, concur, conform, conform with, consist with, cooperate, correspond, degenerate, deteriorate, deviate, diverge, diversify, double a point, dovetail, fall in together, fetch about, fit in, fit together, flop, go, go about, go together, go with, gybe, hang together, harmonize, haul around, heave round, hit, hold together, improve, interlock, intersect, jibe all standing, lock, match, meliorate, miss stays, mitigate, modulate, mutate, overlap, parallel, ply, put about, put back, register, register with, respond to, revive, round a point, sheer, shift, sing in chorus, slew, sort with, square, square with, stand together, swerve, swing round, swing the stern, tack, take a turn, tally, throw about, turn, turn aside, turn back, turn into, turn the corner, undergo a change, vary, veer, warp, wear, wear ship, wind, worsen, yaw,

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