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ADC, CO, G-man, John Law, MP, OD, administrator, aide, aide-de-camp, apparatchik, archon, bailiff, beadle, beagle, boatswain, bound bailiff, brigadier, brigadier general, bureaucrat, captain, catchpole, chancellor, chicken colonel, chief engineer, chief executive, chief executive officer, chief mate, chief of police, chief of staff, civil servant, colonel, commandant, commander, commander in chief, commanding officer, commissioned officer, commissioner, company officer, constable, cop, copper, dean, deck officer, deputy, deputy sheriff, detective, dick, dignitary, director, exec, executive, executive director, executive officer, executive secretary, fed, federal, field marshal, field officer, first lieutenant, five-star general, flic, four-star general, functionary, functionnaire, fuzz, gendarme, general, generalissimo, general officer, government man, inspector, jack-in-office, jemadar, junior officer, lawman, lictor, lieutenant, lieutenant colonel, lieutenant general, mace-bearer, magistrate, major, major general, management, manager, managing director, mandarin, marechal, marshal, master, mate, mounted policeman, narc, naval officer, navigating officer, navigator, office-bearer, officeholder, official, officiary, one-star general, orderly officer, patrolman, patron, peace officer, petty tyrant, pipes, placeman, police, police captain, police commissioner, police constable, police inspector, policeman, police matron, police officer, police sergeant, policewoman, portreeve, prefect, president, prexy, provost, public official, public servant, quartermaster, red-tapist, reeve, risaldar, roundsman, sailing master, second mate, secretary, senior officer, sergeant, sergeant at arms, shavetail, sheriff, shipmaster, sirdar, skipper, staff officer, subahdar, subaltern, sublieutenant, superintendent, tec, the Old Man, the administration, the brass, three-star general, tipstaff, tipstaves, top brass, treasurer, trooper, two-star general, vice-chancellor, vice-president, warden, watch officer,

Member, private, servant, sinecurist,

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