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Anschauung, Texas tower, aftertime, afteryears, airscape, angle, angle of vision, aptitude, attitude, basis, beacon, belvedere, bleachers, brazen out, bridge, by-and-by, chance, cityscape, cloudscape, coign of vantage, command, conning tower, course ahead, crystal ball, determinism, direction, distant future, domination, eventuality, expectation, expectations, eye, eyereach, eyeshot, eyesight, face down, face out, fair expectation, favorable prospect, field of view, field of vision, footing, forecast, foresight, forward look, frame of reference, framework, future, future tense, futurism, futurity, gallery, gazebo, good chance, grandstand, hereafter, hopes, horizon, immediate future, immediate prospect, imminence, ken, landscape, liability, light, lighthouse, likelihood, likeliness, limit of vision, line of sight, lookout, loophole, mental outlook, naked eye, near future, observation post, observatory, odds, offing, opinion, outbrave, outbrazen, outdare, outface, outlook over, outstare, overlook, panorama, peanut gallery, peephole, perspective, pharos, place, point of view, position, posteriority, prediction, presumption, presumptive evidence, probabilism, probability, project, prophecy, prospect, prospects, range, reasonable ground, reasonable hope, reference system, regard, respect, ringside, ringside seat, riverscape, scan, scape, scene, scenery, scenic view, scope, scope of vision, seascape, side, sight, sighthole, sightliness, situation, skyscape, slant, stand, standpoint, stare down, survey, sweep, system, tendency, the future, the morrow, the sweet by-and-by, time ahead, time just ahead, time to come, tomorrow, top gallery, tower, townscape, universe, vantage, vantage point, verisimilitude, view, viewpoint, vista, watchtower, waterscape, well-grounded hope,

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