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account, account as, adjudge, adjudicate, affect, allegorize, allow, allude to, anticipate, aspire to, assume, attempt, bank on, be afraid, be judicious, believe, be predisposed, bring, bring to mind, call for, comprise, conceive, conclude, confide, conjecture, connote, consider, contain, contemplate, count, count on, dare, daresay, deduce, deem, deride, desire, divine, dread, dream, encroach upon, entail, envisage, esteem, estimate, exercise judgment, expect, express an opinion, face, fancy, feel, feel confident, forejudge, foresee, form an opinion, gather, get fresh, get smart, go off half-cocked, grant, guess, harbor the hope, have a hunch, have a nerve, have an idea, have an impression, have an inkling, have in mind, have the cheek, have the gall, have the idea, hazard, hint, hold, hold as, hold in contempt, hope, hope against hope, hope and pray, hope for, hope in, hope to God, hypothecate, hypothesize, imagine, implicate, imply, import, impose on, impose upon, infer, infringe, insinuate, intimate, intrude, involve, judge, judge beforehand, jump the gun, lead to, lean upon, let, let be, live in hopes, look upon as, maintain, make bold, make free, mean, mean to say, nurture the hope, obtrude, opine, pine, point indirectly to, posit, postulate, preconceive, preconclude, predecide, predetermine, prefigure, prejudge, premise, presuppose, presurmise, pretend, provisionally accept, reckon, regard, rely on, repute, require, rest assured, ridicule, say, set down as, speculate, subsume, suggest, suppose, surmise, suspect, take, take for, take for granted, take in, take it, take liberties, take liberties with, take the liberty, take to be, taunt, theorize, think, think likely, think of, trow, trust, understand, venture, venture to say, view as, ween,

Infer, argue, deduce, distrust, hesitate, prove, retire, withdraw,

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