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Casanova, Don Juan, Lothario, aim at, angularity, ascend, backset, bank, barrage, beat, be promiscuous, blast, blitz, bombard, bounder, bring up, cad, cannon, cannonade, cant, card, careen, chase women, clear, climb, cog, coin money, collect, comb, commence firing, commit adultery, crag, cultivate, culture, curry, cut, debauch, debauchee, decline, delve, descend, dig, dig up, dip, dissipate, draw together, dredge up, dress, drop, eliminate, enfilade, fall, fall away, fall off, fallow, fang, fertilize, find, fire at, fire a volley, fire upon, force, fornicate, fusillade, gallant, gather, gather in, gather together, gather up, gay deceiver, gay dog, go downhill, go uphill, grade, grate, graze, grovel, gruel, hackle, harrow, hatchel, heckle, hoe, inclination, incline, jag, keel, lady-killer, lath, lean, leaning, leaning tower, lecher, libertine, list, look all over, look everywhere, lover-boy, make, masher, mere shadow, mortar, mulch, open fire, open up on, paper, peak, pecten, pepper, philander, philanderer, pick up, pitch, playboy, plow, pop at, probe, prodigal, profligate, projection, prune, pull in, rail, raise, rakehell, rake out, rake up, ransack, rascal, ratchet, recall, remove, resurrect, resuscitate, retreat, rifle, rip, rise, roue, rounder, rummage, sawtooth, scoundrel, scour, scrape, scrape together, scrape up, scratch, screen, search, search high heaven, shadow, shake, shake down, shaving, shell, shelve, shoot, shoot at, sidle, sift out, skeleton, skirt chaser, slant, slat, sleep around, slip, slope, snag, snaggle, snipe, snipe at, soup, spade, spire, splinter, sprocket, spur, steeple, strafe, streak, swag, sway, swing, swinger, take aim at, thin, thin out, till, till the soil, tilt, tip, tooth, torpedo, toss, tower of Pisa, turn inside out, turn upside down, unearth, uprise, vein, voluptuary, wafer, walking phallus, wallow, wanton, weed, weed out, whore, wolf, woman chaser, womanize, womanizer, work, zero in on,

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