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saddle with

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account for, accredit with, accrete to, accuse of, acknowledge, add, adjoin, affix, agglutinate, annex, append, apply to, ascribe to, assign to, attach, attach to, attribute to, bear hard upon, bind, blame, blame for, blame on, bring home to, burden, burden with, burthen, charge, charge on, charge to, charge with, commit, complicate, confess, conjoin, connect with, cramp, credit with, cripple, cumber, decorate, demand, embarrass, encumber, enjoin, enmesh, ensnarl, entangle, entoil, entrammel, entrap, entwine, exact, fasten upon, father upon, fetter, fix on, fix upon, freight, freight with, glue on, hamper, hamstring, handicap, hang on, hitch on, hobble, impede, impose, impose on, impose upon, impute to, infix, inflict on, inflict upon, involve, join with, lade, lame, lay, lay on, lay to, levy, lime, load, lumber, make imperative, make incumbent, net, obligate, oblige, oppress, ornament, overburden, overload, overtax, overweight, paste on, pin on, pinpoint, place, place upon, pledge, plus, point to, postfix, prefix, press down, press hard upon, put, put down, put on, put upon, put with, refer to, require, rest hard upon, saddle, saddle on, set, set down to, settle upon, shackle, slap on, snarl, subject to, subjoin, suffix, superadd, superpose, tack on, tag, tag on, tangle, task, task with, tax, tie, toil, trammel, unite with, weigh down, weigh heavy on, weigh on, weight down with, weigh upon, yoke with,

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