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active list, agenda, allocate, allot, appoint, approach, appropriate to, arrange, arrangement, assign, assign to, attack, batting order, bill, bill of fare, blacklist, blueprint, blueprinting, book, budget, calculate, calculation, calendar, card, carte du jour, cast, catalog, chart, charting, checklist, civil list, conception, concert, contrivance, contrive, cost, cost out, cut out, dedicate, design, destine, detail, device, devise, disburse, disposition, docket, earmark, enroll, enter, enterprise, enumerate, enumeration, envisagement, expend, fate, figure, figuring, file, forecast, foresight, forethought, fork out, frame, game, go through, graphing, ground plan, guidelines, idea, impanel, incur costs, index, intend, intention, inventory, invest, itemization, itemize, items, keep score, lay out, layout, lay plans, lineup, line up, list, listing, list of agenda, long-range plan, lot, make a projection, make arrangements, make assignments, mapping, mark off, mark out for, master plan, menu, method, methodize, methodology, open the purse, operations research, ordain, organization, organize, outlay, outline, pay, pay out, pigeonhole, plan, plan ahead, planning, planning function, playbill, portion off, post, prearrange, prearrangement, procedure, program, programma, program of action, program of operation, project, prospectus, protocol, put out, rationalization, rationalize, record, register, registry, repertory, reserve, restrict, restrict to, retired list, roll, roll call, roster, run through, schema, schematism, schematization, schematize, scheme, scheme of arrangement, score, set, set apart, set aside, set off, setup, set up, shape, shell out, sick list, sink money in, slate, spend, splurge, squander, strategic plan, strategy, system, systematization, systematize, table, tabulate, tactical plan, tactics, tag, tally, tally sheet, the big picture, the picture, throw money around, time, timetable, way, working plan, work out, work up,

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