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Christian, Establishment, VIP, able, acceptable, acceptable person, admirable, admissible, aristocratic, au fait, august, baron, beyond all praise, beyond price, big gun, big man, big name, bigwig, blameless, brass, brass hat, capable, capital fellow, celebrity, clean, commendable, competent, constellation, courtly, creditable, cynosure, dear, decent, deserved, deserving, desirable, diamond, dignified, dignitary, dignity, divine, earned, efficient, elder, eligible, enfranchised, entitled, equal to, erect, esteemed, estimable, ethical, exemplary, fair, father, figure, fit, fitted, fitted for, folk hero, full of integrity, galaxy, gem, gentleman, golden, good, good as gold, good fellow, good lot, good man, good person, good sort, good woman, grand, grave, great man, held in esteem, hero, heroine, high-minded, high-principled, highly esteemed, highly regarded, highly reputed, highly respectable, honest, honest man, honorable, honored, idol, immaculate, immortal, important person, imposing, inestimable, in favor, in good odor, in high favor, interests, invaluable, inviolate, irreproachable, jewel, journeyman, just, justified, kingly, lady, laudable, law-abiding, law-loving, law-revering, lion, lordly, lords of creation, luminaries, luminary, magisterial, magnate, majestic, manly, man of mark, master spirit, mensch, merited, meritorious, model, mogul, moral, nabob, name, noble, notability, notable, of great price, panjandrum, pearl, perfect gentleman, perfect lady, personage, persona grata, personality, person of note, person of renown, pillar of society, pleasing, pleiad, pop hero, popular hero, popular idol, power, power elite, praiseworthy, precious, prestigious, priceless, prince, princely, principled, public figure, pure, qualified, queenly, real man, regal, reputable, respectable, respected, revered, reverend, rich, right, right-minded, righteous, right sort, rough diamond, royal, ruling circle, sachem, satisfying, sedate, sober, social lion, solemn, somebody, something, spotless, stainless, star, stately, statuesque, sterling, suitable, suited, superstar, the great, the top, top brass, top people, true-dealing, true-devoted, true-disposing, true-souled, true-spirited, truehearted, tycoon, unblemished, uncorrupt, uncorrupted, undefiled, unexceptionable, unimpeachable, unspotted, unstained, unsullied, untarnished, upright, uprighteous, upstanding, up to, up to snuff, valuable, venerable, venerated, very important person, virtuous, warranted, well-deserving, well-earned, well-fitted, well-qualified, well-suited, well-thought-of, with voice, with vote, worshipful, yeomanly,

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